News from fair-fish: September 2023

We are surprisingly unsentimental towards fishes. We look the other way when fishes gasp for air and die miserably. And we don't even want to know what fishes feel when they are hauled out of the water in nets. The contributions you read in this newsletter aim at achieving more respect for the living creature fish and its habitat.

And we are looking for a new president.

Gillnets and Trammel nets

Set nets, Yannick Rohrer

The Carefish/catch project of fair-fish and partners works towards more animal welfare in fisheries. Find attached a document on the topic of fish suffering in relation to gillnets and trammel nets. The partners of the Carefish/catch project call on politicians, certification bodies, industry, and retailers to take the advice on reducing fish suffering seriously and to help implement animal welfare standards in fisheries.

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Looking for a new president

Sailing ship, Barbara Fellhofer

We are passionate about the welfare of fishes and want to free fishing and fish farming from animal suffering as much as possible. We are looking for you! As our new president, you will help to determine the course of the sailing ship fair-fish, align it with the wind, and help to keep it stable. If you are interested, you can find more information here .


Carps harvest Asia Animal Welfare Initiative

The photo above comes from Asia and is from a fish farm probably in China or India. We got it from our colleagues from the Fish Welfare Initiative. Every year 1 to 3 trillion fishes worldwide die from fishing; most of them will end up in miserable death throes at the end of their lives. In addition, something like a hundred billion fishes die in aquaculture every year, and most have the same horrific experience at the end of their lives. Don't turn a blind eye when fishes suffer. With your help, we can continue to advocate for fishes in fisheries and aquaculture.


Fausta Borsani
Executive Director fair-fish