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Legal notice

Data privacy
Data privacy

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We are grateful if you report content and technical errors to us!

In the course of your communication with the association fair‑fish international (fair‑ which you engage in as a member or donor, when ordering information or advertising material, as a representative of another organisation, as a media representative or otherwise, we may collect personal data that you have communicated to us and store it on our servers or transmit it to service providers contracted by us.

This Privacy Statement explains how fair‑ uses your data and what we do to protect it.

What data do we collect?

We may collect the following information about you:

  • Details you provide to become a member or donor
  • Contact data such as first and last name, telephone number, e-mail and postal address
  • Payment information, as a basis for our bookkeeping
  • Notes on communication with you (correspondence, information provided, etc.)
  • Other details that we are required by law to collect
  • If you communicate with fair‑, we may receive further data from you, e.g. your profession or your position in an organisation, company or authority, which we need to ensure that you receive information tailored to your needs.

When you communicate with fair‑fish, we may receive further data from you, e.g. your profession, your function at an organization, company or authority, which we need to ensure that we provide you with information tailored to your needs.

When communicating with the fair‑ website, we collect data on access to the website on the basis of our legitimate interest (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR) and store this data as „server log files“ on the website server. The data is stored for security reasons, e.g. to be able to investigate cases of misuse. The following data is logged:

  • visited webpage,
  • time at the time of access,
  • amount of data sent in bytes,
  • source from which you accessed the page,
  • browser,
  • operating system, and
  • IP address used.

What do we use your data for?

We use the data we collect:

  • to provide you with the requested information or materials
  • to send you information via your preferred communication medium
  • to evaluate and improve our website, printed materials and services
  • to investigate complaints and resolve technical problems
  • to analyse our websites and printed material as well as user behaviour and to produce aggregated reports
  • to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.


Your data is used exclusively to fulfill the mission of the associations fair‑fish. We do not pass on your data to third parties.
In order to be able to provide our services, however, we may disclose your data in the following cases:

  • to service providers whom we have contracted to support our business activities. They are obliged to treat the data as confidential and to use it only for the services provided to us
  • owing to legal obligations, to prevent misuse, for the purpose of personal security or to protect the public.


In principle, we send you information with your consent only. We assume this consent if you have declared to be a member of fair‑fish, if you subscribed to one of our print or online publications or if you have otherwise asked us to provide you with information on a regular basis.
You are free at any time to revoke or limit this consent.

We will only send you advertising material if you specifically ordered it.

Promotion material

The prices of items such as books, T-shirts, etc. are calculated to cover our production costs. Any profit resulting from the sale will be booked as a donation for the fulfillment of our association’s purposes.

Anti-spam strategy

fair‑ does not tolerate unsolicited commercial e-mails (spam). We do not send e-mails to anyone without their permission, and we do not sell or rent e-mail addresses to third parties. This does not mean that we can prevent spam on the Internet. If you believe that you have received an unsolicited e-mail from us, please contact us via mail@fair‑


The protection of your data is important to us. We store, process and secure your data on servers which are maintained exclusively by companies located in Germany, and which are protected by physical and technical security measures. This includes enhanced firewall and password protection for our databases, physical access controls for our buildings and files, and restricting access to your personal data to employees and service providers who need this information to provide, develop and improve our services.


The use of cookies enables individual service providers on the Internet to identify different users and establish usage patterns on a website. This also makes it possible to determine the interests of the user identified by the cookie. The fair‑ website only uses technically necessary cookies:

  • a session cookie,
  • a cookie for the language preference and
  • a security token for web forms.

fair‑ does not use third-party cookies, which are used, for example, to identify users across different websites.

Use of web analytics services

fair‑ does not use any third-party web analytics. Your data remains exclusively and completely with us.

Adresses for complaints and data access

If you want to know which data we have stored about you, if you want to inspect the data stored about you, if you want to correct or delete data stored about you or if you want to make a complaint in connection with the use of your data, please contact us:

fair‑fish international association, Talweg 159, CH-8610 Uster, SWITZERLAND, e-mail: mail@fair‑, tel. +41 79 255 61 77. If your residence is outside Switzerland but within the EU, you can also contact our EU data protection officer: Sebastian Scholz, Barbarossastrasse 76, 09112 Chemnitz, GERMANY, e-mail: sebastian@fair‑, tel. +49 371 912 243 31.

We kindly ask you to send us your inquiries and complaints by e-mail so that we can reply quickly. Make sure to send us your request from the e-mail address we last used to contact you. We will not be able to consider requests sent to us from e-mail addresses which we have not stored, also for reasons of personal protection. Inquiries about the data of another person will not be answered, unless the inquiring person provides us with appropriate authorisationfrom the person in question. If you contact us by post and expect a reply by post, please enclose the required return postage (or a reply coupon from abroad for the required amount). Please also understand that postal replies are much slower.

In principle, we cannot delete data that forms the basis of our accounting (surname, first name, place, date, amount).