The research partner of fair-fish

We were looking for a university connection for our research related work in order to secure it in the long term. In summer 2018, we agreed to a collaboration with the Marine Research Institute Centro do Ciéncias do Mar (CCMAR) at the Universidade do Algarve in Faro, Portugal. Our research group was given a seat there and including access to a large network, while fair-fish guarantees funding and the continuation of the chosen path.

For practical reasons, we then spun off the research group as an independent unit. Thus, at the beginning of 2019, the Fish Ethology and Welfare Group (in short: FishEthoGroup) came into being as an association under Portuguese law. Since autumn 2022, the FishEthoGroup has been working independently from fair-fish and so it has become a partner connected in friendship and cooperating with us in various projects.

Experiments in fish welfare

The FishEthoGroup works on the FishEthoBase, helps to find solutions in practice (Carefish) and conducts its own experiments to answer open questions in research, such as:    

  • Tank cover and fish welfare for tilapia
  • Species-appropriate environmental enrichment and fish welfare
  • Measurement of fish welfare through accoustical tracking
  • and more

Measurement of acceleration in the swimming tunnel using transmitters