Crew of a three-master, around 1900
(Wilhelm Hester Photographs Collection/Wikimedia)

The Board of fair-fish international is formed by five people from different backgrounds:

  • Adrian Horst, Switzerland
  • Daniela Gschweng, Germany
  • Nina Otter, France
  • Sabine Wirtz, Switzerland
  • Walter Sánchez-Suárez, Spain

General management:

  • Fausta Borsani, Switzerland, Executive director
  • Jenny Volstorf, Germany, Director of the fair-fish database
  • Sebastian Scholz, Germany, Web and Database manager
  • Yannick Rohrer, Switzerland, Project Manager of Knowledge Transfer
  • Rolf Frischknecht,Switzerland, Project Manager of Communication
  • Regula Horner, Switzerland, Administration
  • Larissa Puma, Switzerland, School project

Former members


Our goals and reports

Our goals and organisation are laid down in our statutes.

In our annual reports we account for achievements and the use of the donations entrusted to us.