Becca Franks, Culum Brown, and Lluis Tort

Scientific Advisory Board

Three renowned people from the field of fish welfare research have been working as scientific advisors to fair-fish international and its FishEthoGroup since autumn 2019.

Becca Franks, Assistant Professor at New York University, has a PhD in psychology and researches the welfare of fish and other aquatic animals.

Culum Brown, Associate Professor at Mercquarie University in Australia and co-editor of the Journal of Fish Biology, conducts research on fish behavioural ecology, learning and memory.

Lluis Tort, Professor of Physiology at the Universitat Autònoma in Barcelona, studies fish physiology with a focus on stress, immune suppression and well-being and is responsible for numerous international research projects.


Looking over our shoulders

The Scientific Advisory Board works on an honorary basis. It comments on questions that we submit to it for assessment. Conversely, it can request an insight into our activities. If it decides unanimously, we are obliged to follow its advice. The Advisory Board may propose the appointment of further members.