The former Nadler organic trout farm in Rohr AG. (Photos: Studer/fair-fish)

Welfare in aquaculture

In 1997, Billo Heinzpeter Studer began studies on the requirements for species-appropriate husbandry of farmed fish. The project, which was supported by animal protection organisations, gave rise to the Swiss association fair-fish, which was founded in 2000. Read more about this in the book "fair-fish—Because You Shouldn't Tickle Fishes".

At the same time, fair-fish was also committed to the careful handling of fish in fisheries, first in Switzerland, then mainly in Senegal.

In 2020, the fair-fish Switzerland association decided to dissolve and transfer its assets and liabilities to the fair-fish international association. Its Swiss team will continue the activities in Switzerland.

Our then partner William Schmid and his assistant at work on Lake Neuchâtel.