Summer Shoal 2019 on the Algarve (photos: Studer/fair-fish)

fair-fish Summer Shoals

The topic of welfare in aquaculture and fisheries is gaining momentum. More than ever, this is the time for academia and the industry to meet, dialogue, and develop solutions for the welfare problems of fish. Because fish lives matter.

Our Summer Shoals on Fish Ethology and Welfare aim to be a meeting point of stakeholders in the "fish world", and once more integrate perspectives often perceived as antagonistic, in order to identify joint paths to improve fish welfare.

Summer Shoals take place yearly, in early September, following a very special format: a circle of discussion on fish welfare, under the sky, by the sea. As stakeholder dialogue is one of our basic principles, these events are exclusive to about 40 participants to allow all sitting in one big circle in the open air in order to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and ideas among scientists, professionals from industry and commerce, experts from animal welfare organisation and from relevant authorities. The participants will stay lodged in the resort and the concept is to have a "scientific retreat" dedicated to fish welfare.

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Unique dialogue setting

Two full days of oral presentations oudoors near the beach, followed by animated discussions among the participants seated in a circle under the trees, no technichal aids around except text books on the participants' knees and a microphone for speakers with low voice—and many opportunities to further discuss fish welfare issues in small groups during the breaks: This is the Summer Shoal, a unique dialogue setting among experts with different backgrounds and interests—thus encouraging cooperation beween science, practice, and advocacy.