On the road in the Saloum (Photo: Studer/fair-fish)

Cooperation with Mundus maris

The international association Mundus maris combines sciences, arts and practical local knowledge. Its aim is the protection and sustainable use of marine ecosystems and their biological and cultural diversity.

fair-fish and Mundus maris got to know each other through their mutual partner FishBase. Contact became more intensive when fair-fish 2020 supported a campaign by fishermen in Senegal against the sellout of the resource to European and Asian fishing vessels by producing a video. We had received more donations for this than the production costed. We considered an adequate use of the remaining 9,000 Euros for the benefit of the people in artisanal fisheries in Senegal.

Because Mundus maris is active on the ground with two suitable projects, we invited our friends to apply for the free funds. At the end of 2021, the fair-fish board approved their two applications.

Fish meter on the mobile phone
Mundus maris had developed an app that uses FishBase data to determine for each fish species the minimum size that a fish must have reached before it can be caught. The app helps fishermen to land only fish that have already been able to reproduce. fair-fish supports the adaptation of this app for Senegal.

Small-scale fisheries academy
Mundus Maris is setting up an academy in Senegal for women and men working in or around artisanal fisheries. The aim is to empower the actors, who often have very little schooling and are exposed to pressures from more powerful actors. The approach is new, at eye level, works with images instead of texts and aims at individual and collective change. fair-fish supports the continuation of the courses during a bridging period until further donors step in.