Trout farming in Switzerland - fishing in Senegal (Photos: Studer/fair-fish)

Animals, nature, and humans

The fair-fish guidelines pursue - as the first and so far only - three goals at the same time:

  • High welfare of the fish in the farm or low suffering in the fishery.
  • Low environmental impact from farming or catching
  • Fair trade for all those involved in farming or fishing

fair-fish is not yet on the market as a label; the guidelines are too strict. However, they set the benchmark for assessing the performance of other labels.


Evidence-based guidelines

Our fish farming guidelines are based on the findings from the FishEthoBase.

Our fishery guidelines were developed as part of our project in Senegal.

Both guidelines are not in use in the sense of a certication scheme so far, they are said to be "too strict". We use them as a benchmark to assess other certification schemes.