Fishery policy · Fischereipolitik


06/2016: Atommüll in den Meeren · Atomic waste in the seas
  • Brief an die Regierung Deutschlands – und hier die Antwort
  • Brief an die Regierung der Schweiz – und hier die Antwort
  • Letter to the British government – no reply
  • Letter to the European Commission * – no reply
  • Letter to the government of Russia – and here’s the answer
  • Letter to the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEAno reply
                 * Most astonishingly the issue is not dealt with by the
                   Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
                   but by the Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy…
                   thus, in the hands oft the most interested department
                   instead of the most concerned one!


Letters to the EU member states concerning «humane» slaughter of farmed fish, coordinated by the Fish Welfare Working Group within the Eurogroup for Animals.
Group member fair-fish international wrote
an den österreichischen Landwirtschaftsminister
• al ministro
italiano dell’agricoltura
• already in 05/2015 to the EU commissioner for food safety

Requests to the reform of the EU’s Common Fishery Policy (CFP)
Forderungen an die Gemeinsame Fischereipolitik (GFP) der EU