Is it a crime to care for a goldfish these times?

Carassius auratus (Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez/Wikimedia Commons)

In The Guardian, Deborah Orr narrates the story of a man who spent £ 300 for an
operation to get his goldfish healthy again. Is this man madly immoral to even think of such a thing while millions of people are just starving? Could he not dedicate his time and money to just DO something against the real problems of today?

There is as per my opinion no problem which could be more important than another one and thus justify to postpone or even quit the solution of this other problem. There are only true problems and false ones.
As I see it, each problem is true that comes as a consequence of an inhumane, hostile to life social system, to be precise of the most inhumane and the most hostile to life social system in history, even if we don’t notice it too directly on our idyllic island called Western Europe. I therefore agree with Deborah Orr to understand the seemingly naïve caring for the recovery of a tiny goldfish as an important act of living a human life.
Better I care for somebody than for nobody at all. Better I do it for someone within my reach than trying do do it for the poorest people ever yet far beyond my means.

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