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Billo Heinzpeter Studer
born 1947, social psychologist and journalist, directed the farm animal welfare organisation kagfreiland from 1985 till 2001. Lives in Monfalcone and Graz. President of fair-fish international since 2010, member of its standards commission. Director of FishEthoBase. Initiated fair-fish in 1997 and directed its Swiss office till March 2012 and its fishery project in Senegal from 2004 till 2011. Co-president of fair-fish Swiss association fair-fish.ch since 2012.

Katrin Vogelbach
born 1936, graphic artist, former president of Animal Protection League of Zurich (Tierschutzbund Zürich) and the Union of Swiss Animal Protection organizations (VETO), lives in Urdorf ZH. Member of the board of fair-fish.net since 2010. Honorary president of fair-fish Switzerland fair-fish.ch since 2012 after having supported the preliminary work (1997-1999) and contributed as a board member of fair-fish.ch (2000-2012)

Irmi Studer-Algader
born 1966, active in home care, photography and writing, lives in Monfalcone and Graz. Member of the board of fair-fish.net since 2010.

Nina Otter
has studied mathematics at the ETH Zurich, is working on her PhD thesis at the University of Oxford. Professional experience in organic certification. Member of the board of fair-fish.net since 2010.

oliver seeger_k Oliver Seeger
born 1962, long lasting activities in Europe and Asia for several NGOs, lives in Winterthur. Co-president of fair-fish Switzerland since 2008.

jenny_k Jenny Volstorf
born 1982, Dr. rer. nat., psychologist, invests her research skills in improveing the welfare of so-called farm animals. Scientific Coordinator of fair-fish international’s FishEthoBase since 2013. Lives in Berlin.